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Tolkien most likely had a poetic term for it, but don't you sometimes, secretly, long to enjoy a few, private, precious moments of inspiration and discovery

If so, this is the place to be.




Sign up today & join us on our exploration of the human & natural world.

​Together we'll explore skills, tools and resources that help us live in the healthiest and most balanced way possible. 

Join us and connect with a vibrant and friendly group of people. 

We'll confront and address current female issues, giving the modern-day women a voice. 

Live in your world. Explore in ours. 

Everything about this community is designed to make life more understandable and a lot more magical.  ​

See you on the wild side!


Every month we will corral our favourite topics, places, and people from our travels around the world and introduce them to you through this community.

Each month will have a theme. Content will be released throughout each month. 


What can you find this month?

The theme for February is 'New Beginnings and First Steps'.

Listen to Inger Kenobi's podcast talking to some fascinating women including an award winning photographer about career change. Explore mindset lessons which create ease and joy around times of change, and so much more. We will also announce new workshops and events. 


In March the focus will be on 'Connections'.

  • Join Megan in her online programme which teaches you and empowers you to take the first steps into adventure. There will be tips and tools suitable for beginners and experienced adventures alike.

  • Hear from an adventure mama about how she motivates & dresses her children for the extreme cold of the Arctic.

  • Follow executive life coach Inger's mindfulness tips for connecting with your inner self.

  • Why faking orgasms needs to stop. We talk to a sex coach all things from constructive surgeries to jade eggs

  • Olympic weightlifter and Injury specialist Anna Loots discusses the mind body connection and how we store stress in the body


Come join us!

Meg and Inger, xox 



Together we'll turn up our resilience, tune into

forgotten skills and strengths, and connect with

incredible people and places. 

Each month we will upload new articles, 'how to's', interviews and more...


  • Powerful and practical lessons from the wilderness. 

  • Current research on topics from finance to nutrition.

  • The latest on mental health.

  • Overlooked and forgotten life-skills.

  • Body-confidence and fitness. 

  • Our favourite mindset tools.

  • Traits and qualities associated with resilience. 

  • Live workshops and classes. 

  • Challenges to brighten up your day. 

  • Wisdom and inspiration from other cultures.

  • Basic survival skills for everyday life. 

  • First dibs on all of our events and expeditions. 

  • And SO much more. 

We can't wait to share this with you! Come join us.

Everyone is welcome. 

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