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 A message from Inger and Megan 

Hello Everyone,

We all need community and we need each other.  We need community and we need each other. This is why we started Wild Awake, the online learning platform in the first place. You signed up and learned, and we shared and we listened. It’s been an experience, and we’re deeply grateful for all of you.

However, as the world is slowly opening up again and we’re entering a different phase of our lives and seizing new opportunities, we’re closing the doors to Wild Awake. For now. We know it’s not the news some of you are hoping for, but don’t worry. We’re not going completely! Hine-Kenobi is still here, just the online platform.

This wasn’t an easy decision, but it gives us the space to do something new – something that we hope offers even better ways show up for each other and grow. Current members can still access our material (for free) for the next three months. (Just click on the PORTAL tab in the menu bar, as usual.) 

We’re excited about this new chapter, and we thank you so much for following our journey so far.


In gratitude,

Inger and Megan 

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