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Megan is an internationally renowned female survival expert, celebrity expedition leader, and adventure catalyst. She has spent time working and living with native communities all around the world, from the San Bushmen in Africa to the Sami reindeer herders in the Arctic. 


Her vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from leading hundreds of adventures across the globe enables her to organise unique and discreet expeditions to untouched and wild places for high performance individuals. Megan is  also the author of the bestseller, ‘Mind of a Survivor’ and works as a producer and consultant on the biggest adventure shows on TV.

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After studying under Oprah's life coach, Inger now work with individuals who are ready to maximise their most valuable assets: thoughts their and their time. Insights without actions is short lived, and action for the sake of action equals busywork, stress and overwhelm. To move forward in a meaningful way you need the marriage of mental clarity and strategic action. That's why they say all things are created twice: first in our heads, then in reality. 

Before training as a life-coach, Inger worked with Royalty, diplomats, veterans, politicians and artists: plus members of IOC and Scotland Yard. She also spent ten years living at a Tibetan Buddhist center in California where she studied with some of the finest meditation masters of our times. 

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